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brush. Discount Program


Simple. Transparent. Convenient. It's a best-in-class discount program for those without PPO dental insurance.

Say hello to The Brilliance Plan.

Starting at just $24/month.


The Brilliance Lies in the Details...

✓ Free Regular Cleaning* by a Hygienist 2x/year

✓ Free Exam by a Dentist 2x a year

✓ Free X-rays 2x/yr

✓ Free Emergency Exam & X-ray 1x/yr

✓ No Waiting Periods

✓ No Claim Forms to Submit

✓ No dollar caps on services

✓ No deductibles or maximums

*does not apply for patients with periodontal disease. View our summary of benefits to see costs associated with deep cleanings.

Annual Payment Option


Single adult





Annual Cost of Single Adult or Couple + $80 for each dependent under 18 years old


Monthly Payment Option



$50 down - $30/month


$50 down - $24/month


Monthly Cost & Downpayment for Single or Couple + $7/month per dependent under 18 years old



The Brilliance Plan is for you if...

You don't have PPO dental insurance

You want to experience dentistry with integrity

You want the best-in-class membership plan in the industry

You want a plan that includes a multitude of free services for one annual fee


Examples of Savings

Our plan features free cleanings, exams, and x-rays twice a year INCLUDED in your annual fee. You'll also have the benefit of not having to submit claim forms, no dollar caps on services, no limits on number of visits and no deductibles or maximums! 

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